Daily Single Dog – $30
5 Pack – $140
10 Pack – $280
20 Pack – $525
Monthly Unlimited – $500

*Please inquire about pricing for multiple dogs



Mini Groom (Bath, Brush, Face, Nails, Ears)
     0-20Lbs $25-40
     20-50Lbs $40-55
     50-75Lbs $55-60
     75Lbs+ $60 and up

Full Groom (Bath, Brush, Nails, Ears, Sanitary Trim, Full Cut, Deshedding if applicable)
      0-20Lbs $45-55
     20-50Lbs $55-70
     50-75Lbs $70-80
     75Lbs+ $80 and up

Add On/A La Cart
    Nail Clip/Grind $12
    Flea and Tick Bath $10
    Ear Cleaning $10
    Teeth Cleaning $10
    Sanitary Trim $10   
    Extreme De-Matting $50/hr

*All grooming prices are subject to change due to breed and condition of coat



Special discounts

Romp and Rinse $20
Pick your pooch up clean by ending his or her fun filled day at doggy daycare with a bath and a blow dry!

Foster Dog Discount
We love to support adoption and rescue, therefore all foster dogs will receive 15% off all grooming services.