Hours: 7:30am - 6:30pm

PAW-sitives of Doggy Daycare

+ Safe socialization

Physical exercise

+ Mental stimulation

Enforced manners and basic commands

+ Relief from minor separation anxiety


Avoid mischief at home

Owner and dog will be on similar schedules

A day full of fun, love and attention

Change of scenery




+ Puppies must be four months of age or older.

+ All daycare dogs must complete a behavior assessment.

Proof or certification of current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella vaccinations must be provided as well as a Rabies Certificate.  For the safety of all of our guests, vet visits and vaccinations CANNOT be within 10 days of your pets stay. If any of the required vaccinations have never been given or have lapsed in validity, they need to be administered at least 10 days prior to your pet's stay.

+ Proof of spaying or neutering must be provided for all dogs over the age of six months.

+ Proof of oral or topical flea and tick control and heart worm prevention must be provided. 

+  Aside from midday treats, there is no feeding on the premises (accommodations can be made for medical reasons).



How Do I get started?

After reviewing our requirements and policies, please feel free to sign up via the link below or call our facility to speak with a staff member.  Once your profile is created and approved, please be sure to sign the daycare agreement located on your individual profile and upload your pet's updated vaccination information.  We will then schedule your pup's temperament test, which will take place on a specified weekday mornings at our facility.  We will take this time to take your pooch on a quick walk around the block to observe his or her behavior, as well as monitor their behavior in the daycare facility with the rest of our pack.  Once your fur-baby gets the A-Okay he or she will be a Park Bench family member for life!